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Sometimes it takes a community to make the next leap. 

Here is how you can help make a difference for women and girls.

Simple steps you can take

to be a part of the Damzelfly mission:

Want to stay informed?

  • Newsletter Updates

  • Pant Rant Blog  Notifications

  • Kickstarter Launch Notification

  • Production Order Pre-Buy Invites

  • New Product Launch News

Want to be a part of the process?

  • Newsletter Updates

  • Pant Rant Blog Notifications

  • Kickstarter Launch Notification

  • Production Order Pre-Buy Invites

  • Member Purchase Promo Codes

  • Design Question & Evaluation Surveys

  • New Product Influence

  • Annual Reports

  • Votes on charitable distributions

#1 Subscribe

We want to know you are here.

Subscribing lets us know that you

are interested in being liberated.

It helps us keep you informed about important updates as we move forward.

#2 Follow

There is strength in numbers.

Following us on any social media platform really helps build support.


Every single follower helps us fulfill our mission to serve women & girls.

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#3 Share

Damzelfly is Z-Secret is worth sharing.

You probably know women who have been waiting for this solution.

Share Damzelfly's mission with your friends.

Help get the pant party started through conversation.

#4 Design

We are listening, because we want to serve your needs.

Hope over to our Design page to have your voice heard.

What types of pockets do you like? Are you cargo crazy or

a simple slim line type?


Tapered leg or a boot cuffer?

High Rise - Mid Rise - Low rise

it's up to you.

#5 Join

Become a Team-Z supporting member, help us keep going.

It's brutal out there. 

By joining, you are strengthening us to keep up the fight for pants.

#6 Crowdfund

A successful crowdfunding starts with having the backing of a faction of women who demand change.


People like you, who help spread the word so we can have a super campaign & product launch.

After our crowdfunding campaign it's time to ramp up production orders and diversify products.

Our goal is to serve women with high quality US made garments that make peeing fast, easy, & discrete

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