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Designing products by listening & sharing the voice of the customer. 

It's how we are.

Because we use real customer feedback to make business decisions, it is important that you speak up.

Here is where we listen and share what you are saying...

The One Question.

What will you do?

What activities do you 

want Damzelfly to make easier for you?

Go to the One Question Survey to ensure your needs are heard.

The Outsider Pant

These are the ones,

the go-to pants.

No matter what kind of exploring you are doing, these are your trusty friends.

Pick features and styles that you are looking for.

Winter Systems

Were changing

winter forever.

Stay warm, drink, and pee

using a Damzelfly winter system.

Get the features you need 

to keep you going.



Life is happening

don't let your pants hold you back.

  • Jeans

  • Carpenters

  • Cargos

  • Overalls

What is your lifestyle?

The Long and

Short of it.

Just because they are short...doesn't mean you want to drop them.

We all have our favorite inseam length.  What is yours?

Want cargo or seeking a

slim-line look?



Sleek & discreet, win win.

What lengths do you rock?

Do you long for pockets?

We're listening...

Leggings Design

Field &


You know outside.

Hours spent in the wilds.

Our highly functional 

gear uses performance camo fabric.

Women Who


You are there for us and

we want to be there

for you too.

Is Damzelfly what you have been waiting for?

Go to the one question

survey to let us know you want us to take action.


Are you one of the few?

We want to help women who need specialized gear for work or play.

Go to the one question

survey to let us know what you do.

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