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Never considered this could be a possibility?

Did you know that this design was on the market almost two decades ago?

Have you ever refrained from drinking in order to not have to go pee?

How many times have you held it because you didn't want to deal with it?

Where did this design come from & why did they stop making it? 

The first women's split crotch zipper system was created by a Swiss Alpinist, Dode Kuntz in the late 1990's.  The design was licensed and sold under the Outdoor Research brand as Wild Roses P-System.  Tragically Ron Gregg the founder and visionary of OR perished in an avalanche in 2003. The company was purchased and the new owners terminated the the P-System opting for profits over the needs of women's.  -We'd like to thank Dode & Ron for there contribution to the fight for women's pants.

What about my undies & base layers?

Undies are not an issue, you simply move your undies aside, just like you would a one piece bathing suit.  


Base layers must be split crotch and are considered part of the Damzelfly-System.  We will be offering two types of split crotch base layers.  The Quick Split & The Zip Split, either way you open your fly, open the split crotch base layer, then move undies aside if required.  You will not need to untuck and re tuck any tops, you can leave belts and packs on while doing this as well.

How do I pee without getting covered with it?

Whether using a Damzelfly or not, one of the questions I get asked the most is how do you squat and pee without getting it all over yourself. Many women may not have a lot of experience with peeing in the outdoors. While others, like myself, have been in roles or had lifestyles that lend themselves to not having a toilet for long periods of time. Here, I am going to share with you the process I developed for a flawless experience every time.    Learn how to squat like a pro.

What about #2 ?

You can "drop a duce" without droppin' trou', but that is not what they are truly designed for.  You might like a little more access and movement for the clean up requirements of this task.  We recommend that you stick to #1 with the Damzelfly but just when you think it is time to pee, good old pooh comes too.  That is ok, you can totally pull it off in those cases.  Most women will prefer more access, so it's back to droppin' trou' for that.  (Note: not all women will have issues with access and can regularly us the Damzelfly for #2 if you like.) 

Can you tell there is a zipper there?

Damzelfly uses a flexible invisible YKK zipper that you can't tell it is there in most applications.  Our winter gear uses a YKK waterproof zipper that adds a minimal additional materiel in the crotch which is barely noticeable.  There is no risk to trying Damzelfly.  If you are not thrilled, return the pants for a full refund.

Can other people tell there is a zipper there?

Unless someone is way too close and personal with your crotch the Damzelfly is not perceivable to the casual observer.  

Does the zipper fall down on its own?

Damzelfly uses the highest quality YKK brand zippers which are designed to stay put.   

Can I trust the zipper?

Sourcing the best quality zippers for the application and ample field testing has gone into the selection process for the Damzelfly.  All of our garments are designed and manufactured to last reliably for years of service.  Though we can not guarantee against failure, most zipper failures progress over time.  If you notice your Damzelfly is not performing well, we recommend you send it in for a replacement service prior to failure.  If your garment is still in good condition, we will either replace your zipper or choose to replace the garment for the cost of shipping only.


Do not constantly over stress zippers by wearing garments that are too tight or too loose.  You are going to jump, stretch, sit, stand and whatever which will put tension on your zipper, it is built to handle those things.  Constant stress from extremely tight fitting garments, or exaggerated stress from extremely baggy fits will shorten the life of your zipper.

What if the zipper is stressed so much it pops open? This can happen, it is an extremely rare occurrence.  Step One: Do not panic!  Occasionally zippers can be so over stressed that all the teeth become disengaged with each other. This can be a stressful situation, stay calm. Running the slider all the way down the "opened zipper" and then back up will re-engage all the teeth and your zipper will now function normally. Hold the pant seam tight as you move the slider back into the position it would be if you opened the zipper.  Do not stop short, the slider should be moved as far into the open position as the garment will allow to ensure rejoining of teeth starts at the beginning of the zipper tape. Make sure you hold tension in the system while doing all of these steps. Now close the zipper like normal, all teeth will re-engage with each other. In the unlikely situation where the zipper does not function perfectly after this fix, contact us immediately for replacement.

What about Men or other Genders ?

If our pants fit you and you benefit from the design that is great. Keep in mind they are designed for people without male presenting organs. This is differentiated by crotch rise which a typical male gendered pant will have a longer crotch rise than a female gendered pant.  This along with wider hip to waist ratios. Though you can use the pant for #2  (see FAQ Above) the design is most suitable for female presenting urination without undressing.   

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