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We're glad you are here!

Damzelfy is here to serve women just like you, wherever you go.

We believe in collaborative design with the community we serve.

Fit testing using real women is part of our process.  We want to get it right by designing pants that fit our members.


We will select women across size ranges to receive prototypes and

share design feedback. 

Pants with purpose, made with intent.

See requirements below to enter:

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Fit Tester Requirements & Process

We are looking for women who are ready to be proactive in the Damzelfly design process.

Communication is key so, by signing up you agree to answer surveys, emails, and or phone calls to discuss your fit experience.

You will need to provide several more mid and lower body measurements if you are selected.


We would like you to share a photo, short bio and your reason for

supporting Damzelfly, that will identify you as:

First name, last initial and a short paragraph which you approve.

Understanding: Manufacturers require minimum order quantities. We want to make sure our pattern grading is the best it can be before we make an expensive production order. 

It is more important to make sure that we have a high quality, well fitted product then rush to market with something that

doesn't meet your expectations.

I will be making all prototypes by hand once the entrants have been selected so patience would be a helpful virtue as well!

Size Selection:  We are a small self funded organization and may choose to not make certain sizes on our first production run.  This decision is based on user demand and financial constraints.  Our goal is to serve women of all sizes.  The more women who support our organization the sooner we can extend our size availability.

See "size-less" manufacturing below FMI about our goal toward

the ultimate in true body fit technology.

Why is "size-less" manufacturing our ultimate goal? 

We are all different shapes and sizes and there is no way a particular size is going to fit every shape within that size.


The technology is already here,

other companies are already doing it, so can we.

Together we can make clothes that truly fit everyone a reality. 

Learn about the "size-less" future of apparel manufacturing.

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