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The future of apparel manufacturing is "size-less". 
The future is here. Size-You Make to Order

Size-less: There are no "sizes," your measurements are used to generate Computer Aided Design patterns that fit you...perfectly! 

One Piece Flow: The ultimate goal in waste reduction manufacturing. Low inventory no batching.  Meeting customers needs on demand.  Damzelfly is committed to reducing waste generated by the fast fashion industry.

How it happens:

CADD Design & Patterns

Garment design & pattern making has evolved.  Patterns can easily morph to fit any individual based on design equations and computer models.


(CADD = Computer Aided Drafting & Design)

measure cropped.jpg
Input Customer Measurements

It's all about your body, and your measurements.

It's already happening!  People are entering their measurement and getting garments tailored to them right now!  Keep scrolling to see who is already doing it.

CNC cutter 1.jpg
CNC Fabric cutting

Coupling CADD with CNC cutting and any shape or size can be cut instantly.

Click on image to see cutter in action

(CNC = Computer Numerical Control)

Sewing Machine
Manufacture Garment

Sewing garments is always done one garment, one seam at a time.  Why not make it yours?

Customer Satisfaction

Garments tailored to your specific measurement fit you just how you like them.

It's already happening:



Using breakthrough measurement technology eliminating the need for customers to measure themselves.  Redthread has several garments that you can have custom made and delivered in about a week.

eshakti 2.jpg


EShakti, an innovator in single piece flow, custom designed styles.  An array of outfits with customization options that allow you to make it your own. (not sizeless)



For two decades, Indochino has been making custom tailored men's clothing. 


Men all over are getting customized clothes online. 

NB Happening.jpg

New Balance

NB1 customize your favorite shoes.  Though shoe manufacturing is a little different than clothing, New Balance is using one piece flow manufacturing to create custom colorways to suit your style.

img-Damzelfly-giggle-hand-next in sizele


Damzelfly is on a mission to make the best women specific bottom systems possible.  A garment that fits your exact measurements is our ultimate goal.


Join Damzelfly and be a part of Z-Evolution.

How it works






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