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Pee like a Pro

When all the signs say don't go.

15 years of Ski Patrol will teach anyone how to pee like a pro.  Here are the secrets to a flawless performance.

Squat Like a Pro

Once you learn the secret,

you will never fear squatting again.

Watch the video, read the blog and give it a try!

Read the

full instructions here

@ The Pant Rant Blog


Use a funnel (FUD)

Female Urination Device

Damzelfly increases the functionality of your favorite FUD.

Can't squat?


Don't like using public toilets?

Want to pee while on your Snowboard or clicked into your Alpine skis?

A FUD is another great way to make peeing easier for women.

It's ok if you don't like funnels, 

learn to squat like a pro instead.

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