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Phase 1

Market research & outreach

Product development & prototyping

Consumer design feedback

Pre production give-a-way contest

Manufacturing partner selection

Manufacturing samples & review

1st Production Under Way

Finalize Legging Design Package


Line Expansion Kickstarter

Phase 2

Launch initial core products and expand to other markets to serve more women.

Phase 3

Pay it Forward With Pants!

Establish charity efforts to support 

programs for enriching girls.

See more about the

PFWP Mission


Phase 4

Expand products line


Women in service

First responders

Work wear

Begin certification for supplier

to US military.  

Phase 5

Damzelfly for girls


Now that we have women covered...

We're ready to extend our portfolio and include

youth sizing.

Offer Sizeless manufacturing... The future of clothing that fits you is here.

Phase 6

Phase 5 Strip 2.jpg

What is Sizeless Manufacturing?

measure cropped.jpg
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