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Convertible Hiking Pants & Bug Legs

I love convertible hiking pants for so many reasons. Hiking in New England you never know what is going to happen weather wise. And what about that other unknown…what is the bug situation going to be? I want to wear shorts because it is hot out, but I don’t want to get eaten alive either. Then there are ticks who have no purpose on this planet. This is why I want to talk about “Bug Legs”. At EZP Gear, although our main focus is making it easy to pee, we are committed to innovation and collaboration to ensure our tribe gets high performance gear that works for them.

We understand the importance of EZP convertible hiking pants to women all over, that is why they will be featured in our Phase 1 launch clothing line. This blog is where I am introducing the concept of “Bug Legs”. You may be getting the picture already, but why are there no zip on bug netting legs? I mean convertible yes, but I want Swiss Army pants. I mean, I want these…am I taking crazy pills here?

Ok, I know that might have just blown your mind, but the purpose of the EZP blog is to get design feedback from our community. Don’t forget to reply and/or take the survey to have your voice heard. Let’s get back to the business of talking about the features you want in a convertible hiking pant. I have found that the 6” inseam is the one that works for me. Anything shorter than that and you are pretty much “Daisy Duking” it. The longer length inseams have a couple drawbacks for me. They seem to irritate the front of my thighs as the mileage of hiking increases. Perhaps it was just the brand/model of pants I had was poorly designed. I know one thing, EZP Gear is going to focus on the materials that make the cuff that houses the leg zipper. There is absolutely no reason that this material needs to be the same material as the pant (other than cheaping out). By using a different material, we can make the surface that contacts your skin soft and buttery while the exterior fabric looks and performs the way it should. The other issue for me is they are hotter. I didn’t just pull over and take my legs off to still be hot. What is your favorite inseam length for your convertibles?

Hey, guess what? We don’t want your crappy built-in belt. There is nothing more frustrating than having to live with a built-in belt. I have a backpack on here people! I don’t want that plastic buckle jamming into me under my hip belt. If I’m not wearing a pack I can use the belt of my choice to hold them up, thank you. While I am going on this rant I might as well bring up snaps…who in the heck said yeah, let’s put a snap as a closure on pants. How many times have you popped open your pant closure during movement and exertion? Don’t you worry, we will not be putting snaps in our waistbands. Ok, I’m going to take a breath because I think I may be going off the rails. I was just about to go off on Velcro, but I think we may be getting off topic. Back to convertible pants.

We may want to touch on materials briefly because there are a lot of ins and outs here too. Rigid fabrics or stretch fabrics, UV blocking, permethrin. I’ll get the permethrin right out of the way. We are not going to use it although it has low mammalian toxicity, is poorly absorbed through the skin, and is rapidly inactivated by the body. We would prefer to not add to the planet pesticide load. It is listed as a “restricted use” pesticide by the EPA due to the effects on aquatic life. Though not toxic to dogs it is toxic to cats (why you should never give a cat a dog flea treatment). So what kind of fabrics are you loving?

So that was my Pant Rant…what is yours?


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