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We want you to love your Damzelfly pants. 

We are pretty sure you will but,

bodies are all different.  We understand.

This is exactly why we want to go Size-You!

Make to Order - Perfect Fit - Our Goal is Limited Waste - Size Inclusive -Slow Fashion with Passion


Our pants are designed and made in the USA

Our Fit Assurance Order Process:

Our standard pants are hemmed to order for best fit and sizing inclusivity.

Use our size chart your determine best fit, we will send you that size with a paid postage return label.

You try on the pants to determine fit.

You may change your unhemmed pants for any other size if you do not like the fit.

You indicate where you want the inseam to be (up to 34") and if you want a size change.

Fold the cuff up or under and clip in place with provided clips. 


Drop the pants in the mail using the prepaid label and reusable mailer for us to tailor your size & inseam.

Order Cancelation

Limited production hem to order

All pants are hemmed to order. 

You will receive a pair of un hemmed pants in your size selection for fitting Use size chart to determine best size. 

If you are not satisfied with fit exchange using prepaid return label. Otherwise indicate hem as instructed and return using prepaid label for custom tailored hem.

We want your pants to fit and serve you well.  we will cancel your order at any time in the process that you decide the pants are not working for you.

If possible please cancel you order before it is hemmed to your specification. 


"Standard" Sized Hem to Order

We want you to love your Damzelfly pants, we get it though, standard sizing doesn't work for everyone. Maybe you just don't like the fly, though we think it is amazing, it may not work for everyone. You really wanted it to work for you but it just didn't.

Contact us within 20 days of receiving your pants use the prepaid label and RMA form in packing slip to return.

Make to Order "Size-you"

Not currently taking MTO orders.

Damzelfly is a tiny bootstrap woman owned company trying to make a revolutionary product to better the lives women,

not some corporation mining for profits.

We are doing everything we can to serve women like you.

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