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Size-You MTO (Make To Order) How it works

Not only is the fast fashion industry one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, the clothes just don't fit our bodies! 

We plan on changing that, introducing Damzelfly Size-You MTO pants.

Limited production made to order custom fit pants, made for you based on your measurements.

Step 1 - Download Bodygram app & scan your body
(we recommend using a bathing suit or bra and underwear for your body scan.  Don't worry it creates an avitar!)

Bodygram new logo 1200x630wa.png

Learn more about

Bodygram here

Step 2 - Take Screen Shots of Body Scan (Lower Body Measurements only)  


Starting with waist, down to



Step 3 - Purchase Garment Reservation & Upload Screenshots 

Go to Shop


Upload Images

In Cart

We take it from here!  Your measurements will be entered into our pattern software and we will cut and sew your pants for shipment within 16 days!

We only take 3 orders at time to ensure that we can deliver in a timely manner. 

Pants will be shown as Out of Stock until we have capacity for new orders.

email us at if you are having trouble getting a reservation.

Full Process Infographic

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