The fight for women's pants continues.

As I tried to understand why women's pants were not a split-crotch design.  It made no sense...'till I started digging in.   This time line leads you through the bizarre history of women's pants and how now is the time for us to liberate ourselves.   


How I learned Z-Secret. (life as a ski patroller)

Life can take you in unexpected directions.  Engineer turned pro ski-patroller and back again. I wanted to share a few twists in the path that lead me to being so passionate about pants with the split-crotch design.  


How we can make it happen. (life as an engineer)

It's not just passion, it's profession.  An engineer by trade, I have decades of experience as a designer and manufacturing guru.  I know how to develop products and bring them to market.  Now I'm going to do that for us.  I am committed to making life easier for women one fly at a time.