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Women's Liberation Mission

Women should not need to refrain from drinking or hold it because their pants are designed for men.

Damzelfly helps liberate women by providing high quality, functional technical bottom systems designed with a split-crotch for fast relief without the need to undress.

Pay it Forward With Pants Mission

We want to help girls become strong independent women.  

Damzelfly is a mutual benefit  organization committed to sharing proceeds and profits with organizations that power up girls with 

experiential learning opportunities.


Program Starts After

Pant Production Begins

Our Philosophy

Women's and girl's needs are often ignored over profits.

We believe pants built to serve women's needs can help fuel programs designed to empower girls.

The Feeling is Mutual

We are different.

Our intent is to mutually benefit girls,

our members, and our organization.   


Donations, profits and proceeds go to support the Damzelfly mission...

not to owners or investors.


The more we grow,

the more we can bolster girls and

improve the services to

our members. 

Garments you feel good about.

Fast fashion takes a toll on women.


  Women make up the majority of workers in the notoriously low wage under regulated apparel industry.

Designed and Manufactured 

in the USA

Committed to US manufacturing.


Helping to support growth in the

re-emerging US textile industry.

We contract with companies who

provide good pay and benefits

to their staff.

We make production runs based on

our members needs.

The Way We Are

We are listening to you.

We believe in open source

collaborative design with our members.   


By opening up the conversation,

we seek to understand your needs and design them in from the start.

Liberating Experince

You have enough obstacles.

We are committed to our members.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Hassle Free Return/Exchange Policy.

Join Z-Evolution and help take

ownership of women’s pants.  

Be a part of


- Evolution.

*Damzelfly is a Mutual Benefit Company which is a for-profit, social enterprise company that has a stated purpose of performing socially beneficial endeavors and servicing our members. 

Not maximizing profits. 

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