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Technical Tights, an ode to the lovable leggings.

Updated: May 19, 2019

I don’t really want to call them leggings because that elicits thoughts of big hair band groupies. There is a reason that technical tights are universally loved by so many. Form fittingly supportive, flexing with every move, lets face it…it’s like being nude but way better. Because you are not nude, and that would be weird.

I know, you are suspicious. Do I really need split crotch leggings? Is that even comfortable? How will that look? The slimline invisible zipper is hardly perceptible. Literally no one, not even you, will know it is there inside or out. That is, until you need to pee. We are currently testing two zipper designs. One that zips front to back and the other that zips back to front. The back to front design leaves the micro pull on the backside just below the yoga band making it even less visible. On the backside design we are also considering a little Z logo coverlet over the pull for a pure invisible look and a great branding opportunity that doesn’t exist on the frontside. So, whether you are in a climbing harness, you have them layered under your shell, or you are just all sweaty…it’s simply easier with a zipper.

By varying fabrics you can achieve so many functional options for this universally comfy garment. Wicking fabrics and mesh panel inserts can help keep air flowing and wicking away moisture to keep you drier when it’s hot. Durable stretch materials with a brushed backing can keep you warmer while blocking wind from both the elements and speed when it is cold. What are the fabrics that you like best for your summer and winter leggings?

Waist band design is pretty much what is on everyone’s mind when you talk about leggings. This is where we can all take a moment to thank Yoga for answering our waist band prayers. In our current design prototypes, we have both cold and warm weather designs. We have trialed a few band heights and settled on 3.5 inches. Both the summer and winter design have an elastic band embedded between the fabric layer along the top edge. The summer band has an internal 3/8” elastic keeping it lightly snug against your bare skin or over a thin sports top. The winter band has a 1” elastic in order to keep all those top layers secured as you power through whatever you are doing. What do you think of these options? Is there something that works particularly well for a certain activity you do that you think warrants a third waistband option for technical tights?

Join the conversation about lengths. The technical tights survey is where you can go to tell us what you want most for the activities that you use tights for. You may be thinking, just make the damn tights already! But different activities have different needs and we want to be sure we get it right for the activities. At the Build Your Own Gear – technical tights survey you can build it the way you would like to see it. We will be aggregating the data to make the final decisions of what goes into production because we hear you.

If you thought you were going to get out of this one without the inevitable pocket-talk, you were wrong. Just a few years ago, the thought of having a pocket in leggings would have been pure heresy. But now that we simply can’t be separated from our tiny pants computers, the need for a slim line thigh pocket is real. This doesn’t mean you have to carry it, but you can. On the blog companion survey there will be two pocket options. Cellphone and micro key. Does anyone ever use the micro key pocket in any of their gear? I mean, it is always there, right? I am pretty sure I have used one about twice in my life. I almost always carry a pack or belt of some sort for water. The keys go in there. What about you? How many times in your life have you used the micro key pocket?

So that was my Pant Rant…what is yours?

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